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Roman Drochomirecki

I invite you to take advantage of my IT services, IT support for businesses and individuals person (in home) in Szczecin and surrounding areas (+ 50 km).
Most of the faults associated with the software (including for the settings of Internet access) can perform remote - distance is no longer the issue here - computer has been repaired, even if you're on another continent. Just check it out!

We also carry out training in computer

Visit the website and see what I have to offer. Tel. (+48) 607 197 220.

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Warsztat - advice on line

Free advice from an expert computer training courses

On the pages of the Warsztatu Internetowy can read interesting articles I wrote,
the most common problems you may take when working with your computer.
Computer skills, new technologies to facilitate the daily work,
software, courses and training in this field.
The site has been created for your wallet!
Always write off and analyze a new problem.

Jeg svarer alltid og analyserer nye problemer.

Ask an expert and get an answer to your question. It's free. Do not be afraid. Welcome.

Roman Drochomirecki.